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Breville is a producer of small kitchen appliances. “Sandwich toaster” is the first product of the company which became a huge success and sold 400,000 units in the year 1974. It has became one of the leading company in small household appliances. As of 2002, the company introduced brand in Canada and USA , which operates around 30 countries which includes Israel, China, South Africa, Mexico and Japan. It has won many awards having more than 40 international design awards for its design and quality.


  1. Greetings from the West Coast. I love Breville products and have many of them. My wonderful toaster oven needs repair, though. I heard a loud bang and it appears the spring that holds the door closed doesn't work. Where do I get this repaired on Southern Vancouver Island. (Read: Victoria) Thanks Maureen Glaum

  2. We have a Breville convection oven 800XL. The oven gave a loud bang and startled us. It turns out the spring that holds the door closed no longer works. we called the Canadian number and waited 30 minutes.Someone in the U.S. answered who was very helpful. After realising we were in Canada, we were transferred to a Canadian service. 30 minutes later we are still wating for the phone to be answered. There does not seem to be a number supplied for Canada.