Kia Customer Service Number Canada : Kia Canada

Kia Customer Support Number Canada

Below details can be used by customer to raise their complaint on their vehicle and services provided by company. You are also listed below with company Main Office Address in order to write your complaint directly to the company.
Customer Service Number: 1-877-542-2886 (Toll Free Number)
Phone Number: 1-866-267-7424.

Kia Head Office Address Canada

Kia Canada Inc.
180 Foster Crescent
L5R 4J5.

Kia Motors corporation is a second largest automaker in the world started its services in the year 1957. The company manufactures and designs Cars, SUVs and Commercial Vehicles. The company aims to produce quality and improved vehicles which are cost effective.


  1. Dear Kia Canada,

    I hope you can help me. i have this ongoing noise like 6 month now and dealership says it is normal but it can not normal :(
    I have talked many optima owners and some of them has same noise some of them not. I am desperate to find out solution and enjoy my car like everything is works properly.

    You are my last resort and I look forward to hear from you soon

    Roland Medgyesi

  2. I have the same issue with my KIA Optima. No dealership wants to fix it. The only solution maybe to seek legal help. This is a warrantied problem, they do not want to fix.

  3. No point to do that just waist of time and money. People asking me how is the new Kia Optima and I am just telling the truth. Shit spread 7 times faster so I know there are like dozen of people who I talked ignore buying Kia. Put the air flow to window and it wont do that shit noise.

  4. Oh and my next car wont be Kia as I planed.

  5. By going online and doing a quick search, the Kia main website can be found.2018 kia stinger price

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