Logitech Customer Support Number Canada : Logitech Canada

Logitech Contact number

Phone Number: (905) 629-2006.
Customer Care Number: 1-800-231-7717.

Logitech Canada Head Office Address

5025 Orbitor Dr Suite 400,
ON L4W 4Y5,
Logitech Canada Customer care Number along with Head Office Address, Phone Number is provided for customers to contact the company for general enquiry and to raise product related complaints. Logitech was founded in the year 1981 which has headquarters in Morges, Switzerland which is multinational developer of computer and tablet accessories. Products offered by Logitech include headphones, keyboards, PC speakers, wireless music system, video-security solutions, mouse, mobile phone accessories etc.


  1. I would like to know differences between those two keyboards:
    Thank you very much
    Claude Goyet Quebec

  2. When I installed my new M510 cordless mouse my Logitech keyboard stopped working.

  3. I previously had a M510 which was installed with a disk about 4 yrs. ago, it
    finally broke. bought a new M510 installed curser works fine but my cordless
    Logitech stopped working. now back to the broken mouse, will return for credit
    new mouse as it will be for the second time. can you help me.
    Myer Holtzberg.

  4. I just got a K400 Plus keyboard w/touchpad. It's great for me w/nerve damaged hands. My brother, who is left-handed, wished there were a version w/the touchpad on the left hand side. The yellow mouse button would also have to be in the top right corner.

  5. I need to know how to cancel an order that has been unshipped for over two weeks and no one seems to be able to tell me when it will be shipped.

  6. Unknown
    Good luck getting anyone to answer any messages and phone numbers for orders placed are non-existent or you get Logitech people who cannot help with existing orders. I have sent emails numerous times and phone customer contact is non existent. Very poor. I also have a item on back order which I want to cancel but you can't cancel when you can't contact. I really hope you have better luck than me.