Duracell Customer Service Number Canada : Duracell Canada

Duracell Contact Details:

For any enquiries or issues with the battery of the company, customers can refer the following contact details that include Contact Number and Head office Address of the company.
Toll Free Number: 1800 551 2355.
Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM.

Canada Address:

P&G Inc.
4711 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario,
M2N 6K8.


  1. I have had a number or duracell aaa batteries leak on me way before the expiry date they almost ruined my pepper mill. Another problem. I installed 6 new batteries in the pepper mill. worked perfectly until it stopped dead. Removed and tested batteries 5 registered 1.49 volts one registered 0.59 volts. Whats going on? All were purchased at Costco.

  2. my usb key duracell stop working and cant be formated anymore i try everything nothing to do its suppose to be guarantee 5 YEARS 8(((((

  3. Since the early 70's when I ran a camera store, I always recommended duracell batteries since they had the best shelf life and never corroded. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU !! I constantly find coppertops corroded in devices after a year of more in them, sometimes still working and sometimes dead, but corroded. I just checked a device with sony akaline after 4 years and they are fine, working and clean. I can no longer recommend your product, this is terrible reduction in quality and I am truly disappointed in your products.

  4. Same as above - Duracell duralock batteries blowing up a full year before their expiry. What gives?

  5. This may be a strange question. I am a musician and I need to be able to power my amp and guitar and a laptop. I have looked at your Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack 600 but I need to know if I can use it in the same way that I do by plugging into a wall socket in my house. I am planning on doing some performances outside where there is no a/c power. Can you help me with this? Please email me at trumanhmason@gmailcom with an answer. Thanks

  6. What's with the packaging that takes a tool kit to open? I bought a pack of 28 AA batteries at Costco. When I eventually extracted two batteries to use, the package was so mutilated it was useless. On the back it states that unused batteries should be kept in the original package. Impossible. This could be made much more user-friendly.

  7. Had 2 Duracell AA batteries in the shaw remote . I hear a loud "pop" from the remote so opened the battery compartment to find white liquid leaking from the battery . Batteries dated 2025 and had been used only 3 months .

  8. Purchased a large package of Duracell triple A batteries from Costco over a year ago. The best before date on the package indicates they are good for years but the batteries have leaked out acid and are not good. There is no problems with the other brand new batteries I have in stock, double A, C and D sizes.

  9. N S Gehlot, July 8, 2018 at 9:55 PM
    I purchased a package of AAA 32 / MN24TB32 [package no. 96738221] from COSTCO, Edmonton in May 2016. DURACELL boldly writes "Guaranteed for 10 Years in Storage" Best before 2024. To my surprise the the batteries started to leak in the package and those used in toys & controls were badly leaking too within one year. The Proof-of-purchase: 4133366012 & 4349868102. I expect Duracell to contact me at my gmail address here- under to replace the defective batteries.