Jura Customer Service Number Canada : Jura Canada

Jura Contact Details:

Listed below are the contact details of the company that helps its customers to enquire about coffee machines or get their issues cleared related to the company product by customer service people.
Phone Number: 905 501 7600.

Postal Address:

JURA CANADA Hospitality Centre,
115 Matheson Blvd. East,
Mississauga, Ontario,
L4Z 1X8.

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  1. Let me start by saying that I can't believe this is true, I had purchased a Jura machine years ago and I spent over $1500. Every year since then I have spent between $150 and $400 on repairs. A year and a half ago I spent a ton of money replacing almost everything in the machine, three weeks ago I went back to the store having the same issues with the machine (coffee coming out of the water hole) I asked them if I was still under warranty and they said the only way to know is to open the machine up. The issue was they had to take it to jura hospitality in Mississauga, they told me that someone would call me before any repairs and I said that was fine. They gave me the phone number of the technician in charge of the facility, Mr. Saude. I called him three times to make sure he didn't do anything to my machine without my authorization but nobody responded to the phone calls. Finally this morning I received a call from Faema at Dupont saying the machine was ready to pick up and there was an $150 fee + tax. I refused to pay and finally I received a phone call from the technician, Mr. Saude apologizing for not calling me before the repairs were made and the repairs done were similar to the repairs from a year and a half ago but were no longer under warranty. He said, If I refused to pay not to worry but to come back in two weeks because they would undo all of the repairs. I am not a person that tries to take advantage of anyone but I definitely think they are taking advantage of me. I don't understand how Faema or Jura are still in business in Canada.

    Hernan Berezan