Onkyo Customer Service Number Canada : Onkyo Canada

Onkyo Contact Details:

Listed below are the contact details of the company that helps its customers to get any issues with audio products solved by customer support people.
Toll Free Number: 1800 229 1687.

For any suggestions or queries, you can also refer the Support Form and get all the queries solved by customer support team.


  1. phone number is incorrect....just tells you to call 201-934-7823. Also as per documentation with equipment does not work. No one answers 210.934.7823. Online form submission I had to redo 3 times before it went through. Last one went through but I never heard back. New unit....very scared now I wasted lots of money. Eventuallty got thourgh on 201-785-2600 and warranty but said I had to through product support since I only recently got the unit. New unit has failed and I can not get help.

  2. I also have same problem. No service in Canada. Buy Onkyo at great risk!

  3. I am convinced that Onkyo is dedicated to wasting the customer’s time. The 1-800 number is a dead end and the 201 number is for business hours only. Onkyo Canada is a fiction.