Shell Customer Service Number Canada : Shell Canada

Shell Canada Contact:

Phone Number: 403 691 3111.
Toll Free Number: 1877 656 3111.

Corporate Office Address:

Shell Canada Limited,
400 – 4th Avenue S.W.,
Calgary, Alberta,
T2P 0J4.

To reach the Shell Canada Customer Service Team please use the below number or email id.

1 comment:

  1. I got no reply after I sent my complaint about my car wash experience to Shell on Jan 21, 2018.
    The emails were as follows:

    Formstack Submission For: en_ca Service Station Feedback
    Submitted at 01/22/18 1:16 AM
    First Name: Miu
    Last Name: Chan
    Email Address:
    Site Address: 708 Parsons Road SW
    Site City: Edmonton
    Site Province: AB
    Subject: Car Wash
    Comments: The car wash app didn’t work when we were at the keypad. Even the attendant came out and checked with our phone, she couldn’t help. The other customer behind us also came out from his car and said that his app didn’t work too. It kept saying that the card was unavailable at the front page and the button to request the code was declined. We spent around 15 minutes there and then the staff opened the car wash gate for us to moved ahead to leave the station. After we left sadly. Then the front page returned to normal. We went back to line up again. However all the buttons didn’t work again. It kept saying that there was locate error. We spent more than half an hour there without the car wash! That was not including our driving time between the station and our house. It was really a frustrating experience! There should be some solutions that help the staff to serve better! I couldn’t imagine that we would have such a bad experience with such a well developed company!

    The second message I sent:
    miukuen chan
    收件人 1月 24 日於 2:53 PM
    Dear Sirs,
    I was upset that I got no response after I expressed my complaint through your website. Please refer to the following message I left before. My car wash account is
    Please look into my case.
    Miu Chan

    The third message I sent:
    miukuen chan
    收件人 2月 2 日於 12:41 AM
    Dear Sirs,

    Below is the emails you replied few days ago. I feel that I was ignored as my complaint(Jan 22) still haven’t got any response. I really could’t satisfied with the car wash app and also the customer service of Shell!


    I request some compensation for my car wash. However, I haven't got any reply until today, my last day of my car wash card! I was totally disappointed by Shell!